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Jeffrey R. Parke has been helping professional organizations become more productive since 1991 when he began automating word-processing systems for WordPerfect Corporation. In 1993, Jeffrey and his colleague Scot Brooksby co-developed the macros and templates that are featured in several versions of the WordPerfect word-processor. Jeffrey has also developed macro and template packages for other commercial software products, including special edition packages for the legal and education industries.

In 1997 Jeffrey founded Macrosoft Automation, an organization dedicated to helping corporations and individuals use the computer to get more done in less time with better results. Since then he has continued to refine and simplify his techniques for creating the most polished and effective macro systems available for large corporate environments.

Jeffrey earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University with studies in Finance, Information Systems, Accounting, Economics, and Computer Programming. He enjoys photography, hiking, tennis, playing the acoustic and electric guitar, woodworking, and teaching others how the computer can simplify and empower their lives. Jeffrey currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and four children.


"Complexity is a sign of technical immaturity."

— Daniel T. Ling