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Macrosoft Automation offers a variety of services to help everyone in your organization get more done in less time with better results. We also specialize in helping organizations make a smooth transition from Corel WordPerfect to Microsoft Word, whether it's document conversion, macro conversion or developing an entire migration strategy.

Application and Macro Development

Do you need a rock-solid macro or Visual Basic solution to take your organization's productivity to the next level? Do you need a custom software solution to automate tasks that other software can't? Do you want an automated system that is easy-to-use, customizable and trouble-free? Let us create a system that will allow you to accomplish tasks you never thought possible.

Macro Development Coaching

Are you developing your own macro solution but need a little guidance? Are you unsure how to best accomplish a particular task? Do you want to know how to avoid common macro pitfalls? If you've decided to do it yourself, let us help you get the most out of your macro system.

Macro Support and Maintenance

Do you have a macro system already in place but you need someone to make occasional adjustments and enhancements? Is the original developer of your macro system no longer in business? Is the system you are currently using so poor that it is hindering your organization's productivity? We can breathe new life into a less-than-perfect system.

WordPerfect-to-Word Transition Assistance

Is your organization phasing out Corel WordPerfect and moving to Microsoft Word? Are you unsure how to make the transition as smooth as possible? Do you need help thinking through all the issues? Whether you need document conversion, macro conversion or an entire migration strategy, we can help.

Access Database Development

Do you want to develop an Access database for your organization but need some help? Are you just getting by with a database solution that only 'sort of' works? Do you want to learn about the benefits that a database solution can bring to your organization? Let us help you identify and manage the information you need to keep track of.


"Simplicity is the art of maximizing the amount of work not done."

— Agile Manifesto