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Microsoft Office and WordPerfect Office are must-have productivity tools for many organizations. The most powerful feature of these applications is their ability to be customized to automate the tasks your organization does the most. Unfortunately, most organizations do not take advantage of this ability, or they rely on "macro packages" that hog system resources and provide relatively little assistance. A custom solution from Macrosoft Automation is the most effective and reliable way to maximize productivity in a professional office.

An Exact Solution

Because our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your organization only, they can accomplish tasks and overcome tricky problems that bulky, unaware macro packages can't. By knowing your specific needs, our software is smaller, faster, more reliable and easier-to-use than other solutions.

Tremendous Productivity Gains

KPMG estimates that 60 percent of employees spend more than one hour per day duplicating the work of other employees. Our solutions eliminate literally thousands of keystrokes and mouse-clicks per person, per day, while producing consistent and professional results.

You Own the Software - No Licensing Fees

Our solutions carry the benefit of ownership. All custom software created by Macrosoft Automation is owned by the organization it was created for. As owners of the software, you control the features it contains, when and if the software is upgraded, and you never pay annual licensing fees.

Easier to Use

Because our software does exactly what you want and doesn't have unused and unnecessary features, it's much easier to use than software off the shelf. Our software is smaller, more efficient, and can perform its work using relatively simple techniques. Users don't have to sift through large user manuals to learn the software because...it's just not that complicated.

Better Reliability

Our software requires much less computer code and logic than boxed software. A smaller code footprint has fewer problems because there's simply less that can go wrong. And because Macrosoft Automation creates all of its software using object-oriented technology, each component is tested and managed independent of the overall application, making it even more reliable than software created with traditional techniques.

Consistent, Better-Looking Results

An organization that implements standardized automation will achieve more consistent and professional results than otherwise possible. Every document that leaves the organization will share the same look and feel and will behave identically when subsequently manipulated by other processes, whether it be additional automation, edits by other users, or conversion to another file format.

Immediate Customer Service

If you ever experience a problem with your custom software or you want to add a new feature to your system, corrections and enhancements can be implemented immediately by making a single phone call. And when you call Macrosoft Automation for service, you will always be speaking directly to the developer who knows your software inside and out. Because of this, software corrections and adjustments usually proceed very quickly. You'll never wait long for needed patches and upgrades.

Reduced Training Requirements

With automation tools, teaching users how to achieve specific results with Microsoft Office is greatly simplified. Instead of teaching users a series of detailed steps required to achieve a desired result, many repetitive or complex tasks can be reduced to just a few simple clicks or keystrokes. In many cases, some training can be eliminated completely because the automation tool is simple enough to not require additional instruction.

Centralized Data Storage

Information workers collect valuable information, like user names, office locations, practice codes, phone lists, etc., by storing the information inside word-processing documents and spreadsheets. Managing information in this manner results in data that is inaccurate, lost, incomplete and basically unmanageable, but most organizations do it to one degree or another. A well-designed automated system alleviates these problems by implementing a single, centralized data storage mechanism that makes the data available when and where it is needed. The productivity and accuracy gains that can be realized from centralized data storage are enormous.

Reduced Document Corruption and File Bloat

Microsoft Office documents are notorious for gradually increasing file sizes over time. Without a set of automated templates to serve as a clean starting point for all new documents, most offices create and perpetuate document corruption by re-using old documents. Over time, the size of these documents will bloat and become increasingly unstable. A set of standardized, automated templates reduces document corruption and file bloating by forcing all new documents to begin from scratch.

Improved Security

Whenever you create, open, or save a Microsoft Word document, it may contain information that you might not want to share with others when you distribute the document electronically. This information is called "metadata." Metadata is used for a variety of purposes to enhance the editing, viewing, filing, and retrieval of documents. Unknowingly distributing metadata to parties outside an organization can result in costly and embarrassing malpractice suits. An automated solution from Macrosoft Automation includes tools to remove unwanted metadata from documents before they are distributed to others outside the organization.

Consumes Fewer System Resources

A custom solution does not contain any superfluous code, unnecessary logic or unused features that are inherent in other systems. As a result, it consumes less memory and disk space. Macrosoft Automation also implements object-oriented techniques that dramatically reduce memory requirements.

Increased End-User Morale

Automation tools makes document creation and information management easier for users. A firm that has a well-designed automated solution becomes a more desirable place to work and can help attract and keep employees.


"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming."

— Brian Kernighan